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For other uses, see Survivalism (disambiguation).

"Prepper" redirects here. For the television show, see Doomsday Preppers. For the (unrelated) American fashion subculture, see Preppy.

Survivalism is a primarily American movement of

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Gearing up: Doomsday preppers stock up for disaster at popular expo

Disaster preppers, survivalists, hunting enthusiasts and organic gardeners have been gathering annually in Kansas City, Missouri, for the past three years for the RK Prepper Kansas City Survival Expo & Gun Show.

It invites attendees to gain

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Preserving Your Meal Storage - Wheat By Brenda Jenkins

With today's seemingly instant option of food and with literally every modern home creating a refrigerator and freezer for food storage, you may ask "who needs a food dehydrator?" You might say, "If I can dash up towards the local grocery store w read more...

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Pet Prepping Your Home

Choosing the variety or kinds of tomatoes to develop in your garden is important. Not only do you have to schedule and attend doctor visits, but you have to prepare the nursery and maintain stocks of essentials, like diapers, bottles, and maybe ev read more...

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Why Botulism Is Found in Canned Foods and How to Keep Your Pantry Safe

After a botulism outbreak following a church potluck in Ohio left a woman dead and sickened up to 28 others, health officials say canned food could be to blame.

Officials are looking into canned fruits and vegetables as well as pasta and po read more...

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Fishing for fast, easy nutrition? Consider canned

By Julianna Grimes Bottcher

and Dana Jacob


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We love fish. Americans are eating more than ever. And there are compelling reasons why. In light of the positive health benefits associated read more...